[Review] Daiwa 24 Certate: Enhanced Rigidity & Evolution for a Popular Reel!


Have you all bought the 24 Certate yet? With the release of the 24 Twin Power, debates are happening everywhere! Personally, I think the 24 Certate offers more reassurance with its legitimate evolution. Today, I’ll be providing an introduction along with my impressions of the 24 Certate.

Features of the 24 Certate

Air Drive Design

The 24 Certate, featuring the “Air Drive Design,” has arrived fully equipped. This next-generation spinning reel adopts a design philosophy that emphasizes rigidity while ensuring comfortable operability. This design, aimed at allowing anglers to maneuver their lures freely, is supported by four advanced technologies. Incorporating all these technologies, the new Certate stands out even more.

The Air Drive Rotor uses lightweight, high-rigidity ZAION material and a new shape cut from a sphere, achieving significant weight reduction while maintaining rigidity. This improves rotation response and allows for quick ON/OFF.

The Air Drive Bail features a hollow pipe structure and a unique shape that balances lightness and rigidity, ensuring smooth line transport to the line roller and significantly improving trouble-free performance.

The Air Drive Spool achieves weight reduction through thorough thinning while maintaining rigidity. This promotes lightness in winding and improves operability during casting. Additionally, it is equipped with a new drag sound mechanism that operates with minimal resistance.

The Air Drive Shaft’s non-contact structure between the main shaft and pinion eliminates friction resistance. By supporting both ends of the pinion with ball bearings, it maximizes the transmission of input power from the handle to the rotor rotation.

The 24 Certate is fully equipped with these four technologies, achieving an optimal weight balance.

Other Features

Additional features include TOUGH DIGIGEAR and WATERPROOF HANDLE SEAL.

The 24 Certate’s nimble operability is supported by a long-standing commitment to “reliable rigidity.” This spinning reel boasts a robust structure that rivals bait reels, showcasing its true potential.

This model adopts an aluminum monocoque structure, composed of only two parts: the body and the engine plate. In addition to the high rigidity of the aluminum material itself, integrating the frame and body maintains high rigidity while reducing the number of parts, achieving a lightweight and compact design. In traditional models, numerous screws were needed to secure the body and engine plate. In this model, the engine plate itself functions as the screw, allowing for the installation of a maximum diameter drive gear that provides powerful winding force without distortion or bending under high loads.

The drive gear uses ultra-duralumin machine-cut Tough Digigear. The material is strengthened through cold forging and finished with high-precision machining, and surface treatment enhances its hardness, reducing damage to the gears under high loads.

The main shaft, which is the core of power transmission, uses SUS material, which is more rigid than aluminum. This maximizes performance without power loss.

The pinion and line roller sections use Magseal technology. Magnetic oil forms a barrier, preventing the intrusion of seawater and dust, maintaining the initial rotational performance for a long time. Additionally, advancements in waterproof packing structure enhance waterproof and dustproof performance without compromising rotational performance.


24セルテート FC LT2000S-P170644.93-1500.4-2004010/15HG-Iフルメタル(AL製)モノコックボディ54,6004550133306549
24セルテート FC LT2000S-H170765.83-1500.4-2004510/15HG-Iフルメタル(AL製)モノコックボディ54,6004550133306556
24セルテート FC LT2500S175725.14-1500.6-2005010/15HG-Iフルメタル(AL製)モノコックボディ55,6004550133306563
24セルテート FC LT2500S-XH175876.24-1500.6-2005010/15HG-Iフルメタル(AL製)モノコックボディ55,6004550133306570
24セルテート FC LT2500S-DH185725.14-1500.6-2009012/15HG-Iフルメタル(AL製)モノコックボディ57,6004550133306587
24セルテート LT2500200735.26-1500.8-2005010/110HG-Tフルメタル(AL製)モノコックボディ55,6004550133306594
24セルテート LT2500-H200805.76-1500.8-2005510/110HG-Tフルメタル(AL製)モノコックボディ55,6004550133306600
24セルテート LT3000-CH205855.78-1501-2005510/110HG-Tフルメタル(AL製)モノコックボディ56,6004550133306617
24セルテート LT3000225775.28-1501-2006010/110HG-Tラージフルメタル(AL製)モノコックボディ57,6004550133306624
24セルテート LT3000-XH225936.28-1501-2006010/110HG-Tラージフルメタル(AL製)モノコックボディ57,6004550133306631
24セルテート LT4000-C235825.212-1501.5-2006010/112HG-Tラージフルメタル(AL製)モノコックボディ58,6004550133306648
24セルテート LT4000-CXH235996.212-1501.5-2006010/112HG-Tラージフルメタル(AL製)モノコックボディ58,6004550133306655
24セルテート LT5000D-CXH2451056.225-1502.5-3006010/112EVAラウンドライトフルメタル(AL製)モノコックボディ60,6004550133306662
24セルテート LT5000D290875.225-1502.5-3006510/112EVAラウンドライトフルメタル(AL製)モノコックボディ61,6004550133306679
24セルテート LT5000D-XH2901056.225-1502.5-3006510/112EVAラウンドライトフルメタル(AL製)モノコックボディ61,6004550133306686



The new Certate has been upgraded with the latest rotor. This new rotor is extremely lightweight, reducing the load when starting to reel. Additionally, the 24 Certate does not feature Magseal on the drive gear. Despite its high rigidity, it offers a lighter reeling feel than the 22 Exist. The rigidity provided by the monocoque body remains unchanged, and the reeling feel of the reel is top-class. Moreover, unlike Shimano reels, it does not have a tight-winding structure, resulting in fewer troubles.

New Air Rotor and Smooth Reeling Feel

The new 24 Certate is equipped with the latest rotor, just like the 22 Exist and 23 Airity, providing a smooth reeling feel. The appearance has also become more luxurious, and you can feel its lightness just by turning the reel.

Reduced Magseal in the 24 Certate

Unlike the 22 Exist, the 24 Certate does not have Magseal on both ends of the main gear, resulting in less reeling resistance. This change allows the reel to maintain high rigidity while achieving a lightness comparable to the 23 Airity.

Sound and Nut Change During Bail Return

The new 24 Certate includes a sound when opening and closing the bail, and the nut is hidden from view. This enhances the reel’s luxurious appearance and also helps prevent water intrusion. Moreover, this change makes the bail operation smoother.

Low Drag Performance

The drag performance of the 24 Certate is low, particularly during high-speed reeling. However, replacing the bearings can improve its performance to a level comparable to the 23 Airity. Users will need to add extra bearings to improve this aspect.

Performance Improvement with Additional Bearings

By adding bearings, the drag performance of the 24 Certate dramatically improves, reaching the level of the 22 Exist. This significantly boosts the reel’s performance, making fishing more enjoyable.

Impressive Rigidity and Weight

The 24 Certate has a notable sense of rigidity, which also results in added weight. However, it has become lighter compared to previous models. This balanced design combines usability with durability.

Reduced Feeling of Heaviness Due to Improved Balance

Recent Daiwa spinning reels have improved balance, reducing the feeling of heaviness. This makes it less tiring to use for extended periods, which is crucial for anglers enjoying long fishing sessions.

Line Trouble Prevention and Twist Buster Effect

The 24 Certate is equipped with measures to prevent line trouble and has improved the Twist Buster. However, the effectiveness may vary among individuals. These features reduce line tangles and knots, supporting smooth fishing.

Reasonable Cost for a Flagship Model

The 24 Certate is reasonably priced for a high-end model. However, there is room for improvement regarding the spool color. Despite this, the performance and features offer great value for the price.

Casting Feel Without Tight-Winding Structure

The casting feel of the 24 Certate is inferior to Shimano models. Those who prefer a tight-winding structure may not find it suitable, but its low trouble rate makes it ideal for short-range use. Tight-winding structure reels offer smooth line release and higher casting accuracy.

Equipped with Infinity Loop (Tight Winding)!

Infinity Loop (Tight Winding) is a feature that slows the up-and-down movement of the spool, allowing the line to be wound evenly and tightly onto the spool. This mechanism reduces line release resistance during casting, improving casting feel and potentially increasing casting distance.

Models from Twin Power and above are equipped with tight winding, while models from Stradic and below do not have this feature.


Introduction of Tight Winding Technology and Casting Feel

When I first held the 24 Twin Power, I could sense the tight winding technology inherited from the 22 Stella. Compared to the traditional 19 Vanquish, the line was wound on the spool 3-4 times more tightly, resulting in less overlap and significantly reduced resistance when releasing the line from the spool. When I actually cast it, the effect was clear, and it felt like casting in zero gravity. I didn’t realize how much the friction between the lines in the spool impacted casting until I experienced it myself.

Improvement in Drag Performance

The tight winding technology also demonstrates its true value in drag performance. Especially the smoothness of the drag at the initial movement has improved. In several tests I conducted, I set the drag to 800g with a setting that releases 30cm of line per second. The 24 Twin Power performed on par with the 22 Stella, and it was evident that the performance had improved significantly compared to the previous 20 Twin Power.

Weight and Rigidity

The 24 Twin Power weighs 210g for the 2500 body, which is slightly heavier compared to recent bass spinning reels. Initially, I had some concerns about this weight, but when I actually used it, I found that this weight provided rigidity and stability. This was especially beneficial for power finesse and long spinning, where it proved to be a great match.

Feel of the Metal Rotor

The 24 Twin Power, equipped with a metal rotor, has a surprisingly light winding feel despite its weight. When I first used this reel, I was surprised to find that the ease of winding, even when handling light rigs, was not a concern compared to the 19 Vanquish, which features a carbon resin rotor. However, it is important to note that the characteristic “non-stop” feature of the metal rotor requires a bit more effort when stopping the reel.

Spool and Rotor Design

One aspect of the 24 Twin Power that particularly impressed me was Shimano’s effective anti-tangle technology. Even when using long fluorocarbon leaders, the line released smoothly from the spool, and I have not experienced any line tangles. This is due to the completely covered part design that prevents the rotor from rotating when the bail is opened. The slow up-and-down movement of the rotor also minimized reel and rod wobble, allowing for stable retrieval.

Comparison with Rotor Fins

Concerns about line troubles, especially backlash, have been greatly reduced with the introduction of tight winding technology. The newly designed rotor fins maintain a proper “tension” on the spool, ensuring that the line on the spool is always even. From my experience, line troubles were almost non-existent.

Cost Performance

The 24 Twin Power offers almost the same performance as the Stella at about half the price. The fact that you can get a reel with such performance at this price range makes it highly cost-effective. There are no issues with the reel’s performance, making it recommended for those who need multiple reels.

Design and Quality Evaluation

The 24 Twin Power has an excellent appearance and design, with a calm, mature look that matches well with various rods. It receives high marks in all aspects, including winding feel, rigidity, and lightness, and has quality comparable to the 22 Stella. However, the only downside is that it is essentially a lower-tier version of the 22 Stella. Nevertheless, the metal rotor and tight winding technology clearly differentiate it from the 23 Stradic.


The 24 Certate is a spinning reel with excellent performance and features that exceed the expectations of anglers. Its smooth reeling feel, impressive rigidity, and reduced feeling of heaviness all enhance the enjoyment of fishing.

If you have the budget, consider comparing the 24 Twin Power and the 24 Certate!

Born in 1994. Originally from Hyogo Prefecture, I moved to Iwata City in Shizuoka Prefecture in search of the sea. I am an Enshunada surf angler who enjoys surf fishing. I am also active on YouTube, and my fishing grounds range from Irago to Iwata.