Shimano 24 Twin Power Review: The Features and Performance Explained in the Most Straightforward Way!


The 24 Twin Power has finally arrived!

This time, we will clearly explain the features and performance of the 24 Twin Power, as well as what has changed!

What is the 24 Twin Power?

The 24 Twin Power continues to expand the possibilities of spinning reels, achieving solid evolution. From the first model to the current one, it has consistently pursued durability and functionality in actual fishing without unnecessary embellishments. This unchanging concept provides reassurance to core anglers who frequently visit the field, making the Twin Power a solid companion that engraves experiences in their hearts.

The 24 Twin Power comes in a total of 13 sizes, ranging from C2000 to C5000. This wide range of sizes makes it suitable for various types of fishing, including light saltwater game, trout game, and even shore jigging game.

The 24 Twin Power is equipped with the latest technologies featured in the Stella, including Infinity Cross, Infinity Drive, Infinity Loop, Dura Cross, and Anti-Twist Fin.

One of the most notable features is the “Infinity Loop.” Introduced in the 22 Stella, this feature was not included in the 23 Stradic. Infinity Loop allows the spool to wind the line very tightly, with the spool’s up-and-down movement slowing down as the handle turns, resulting in the line being wound very closely. When casting in this state, the resistance during line release is significantly reduced, enabling smoother casts and line release.


The design returns to a style reminiscent of pre-2015 Twin Power models, featuring a practical and robust impression with a gunmetal-centric color scheme. Personally, I prefer this color scheme for the Twin Power.


The previous Twin Power models (from 2015 to 2020) underwent significant weight reduction. For example, the 2500 model was reduced from 240g (2015 model) to 210g (2020 model). In the current model, the weight remains almost unchanged from the 2020 model, with some models experiencing a slight variation of about 5g. Overall, the weight is maintained at almost the same level. For more details, please refer to the specification table on the page below.

The 24 Twin Power: Here’s What Makes It Amazing!

The 2024 model of the Twin Power comes with the following five key features:

  1. Infinity Loop (tight winding)
  2. Infinity Cross
  3. Infinity Drive
  4. Anti-Twist Fin
  5. DURA Cross

A particularly noteworthy point is that, in addition to the Infinity Loop (tight winding) function, it incorporates all the features that were included in the 2022 model of the Stella. With this combination of features, the new Twin Power boasts exceptionally high performance.

Additionally, the new model continues to include traditional features such as “Micromodule Gear II,” “HAGANE Gear,” “HAGANE Body,” “X-Ship,” and “X-Protect,” which were also adopted in existing models.

Robust and Practical

The Twin Power, built on a foundation of a metal rotor and HAGANE body, incorporates Infinity Cross and Infinity Drive inherited from the Stella, enhancing the power unit. This prevents the target from escaping and provides the strength to pull it away from the roots. The rigidity that conveys the angler’s full power to the handle at the decisive moment embodies the “authentic” concept that Twin Power pursues.

Adoption of Metal Rotor

The 24 Twin Power features a metal rotor, providing high rigidity and appropriate inertia. This enables smooth rotation, suppresses flexing and distortion, and contributes to improved hooking and drag performance. The metal rotor is only used in the Twin Power and Stella Core Solid series, supporting their robust and practical concept.

Body Design

The body of the Twin Power uses CI4+, which is infused with high-strength carbon fibers, achieving high rigidity. In addition to CI4+, aluminum is used to achieve even higher rigidity, with aluminum being used particularly in areas that bear significant loads.

Gear Durability

Infinity Cross enhances gear durability by approximately two times, reducing damage during power fights and jerks, and maintaining the reel in optimal condition. This allows anglers to focus more on fishing and capture subtle environmental changes.

Powerful Retrieval

Infinity Drive, which enables powerful retrieval even under high loads, maximizes the transmission of power from the handle knob, allowing anglers to take control during battles with big fish.

Infinity Loop (Tight Winding)

With Infinity Loop, anglers can achieve an incredibly smooth cast, almost forgetting the presence of the line. This results in long casts and stable fall speeds after the line hits the water.

Drag Performance

The new material drag washers with Dura Cross improve wear resistance by more than ten times, making them suitable for a wide range of fishing styles from bass and trout fishing to inshore fishing.

Anti-Twist Fin

The Anti-Twist Fin prevents line slack and dropping of the line at the bottom of the spool. Additionally, it helps reduce the twisting of the line when it is wound onto the spool.

Equipped with Infinity Loop (Tight Winding)!

Infinity Loop (Tight Winding) is a feature that slows the up-and-down movement of the spool, allowing the line to be wound evenly and tightly onto the spool. This mechanism reduces line release resistance during casting, improving casting feel and potentially increasing casting distance.

Models from Twin Power and above are equipped with tight winding, while models from Stradic and below do not have this feature.


Introduction of Tight Winding Technology and Casting Feel

When I first held the 24 Twin Power, I could sense the tight winding technology inherited from the 22 Stella. Compared to the traditional 19 Vanquish, the line was wound on the spool 3-4 times more tightly, resulting in less overlap and significantly reduced resistance when releasing the line from the spool. When I actually cast it, the effect was clear, and it felt like casting in zero gravity. I didn’t realize how much the friction between the lines in the spool impacted casting until I experienced it myself.

Improvement in Drag Performance

The tight winding technology also demonstrates its true value in drag performance. Especially the smoothness of the drag at the initial movement has improved. In several tests I conducted, I set the drag to 800g with a setting that releases 30cm of line per second. The 24 Twin Power performed on par with the 22 Stella, and it was evident that the performance had improved significantly compared to the previous 20 Twin Power.

Weight and Rigidity

The 24 Twin Power weighs 210g for the 2500 body, which is slightly heavier compared to recent bass spinning reels. Initially, I had some concerns about this weight, but when I actually used it, I found that this weight provided rigidity and stability. This was especially beneficial for power finesse and long spinning, where it proved to be a great match.

Feel of the Metal Rotor

The 24 Twin Power, equipped with a metal rotor, has a surprisingly light winding feel despite its weight. When I first used this reel, I was surprised to find that the ease of winding, even when handling light rigs, was not a concern compared to the 19 Vanquish, which features a carbon resin rotor. However, it is important to note that the characteristic “non-stop” feature of the metal rotor requires a bit more effort when stopping the reel.

Spool and Rotor Design

One aspect of the 24 Twin Power that particularly impressed me was Shimano’s effective anti-tangle technology. Even when using long fluorocarbon leaders, the line released smoothly from the spool, and I have not experienced any line tangles. This is due to the completely covered part design that prevents the rotor from rotating when the bail is opened. The slow up-and-down movement of the rotor also minimized reel and rod wobble, allowing for stable retrieval.

Comparison with Rotor Fins

Concerns about line troubles, especially backlash, have been greatly reduced with the introduction of tight winding technology. The newly designed rotor fins maintain a proper “tension” on the spool, ensuring that the line on the spool is always even. From my experience, line troubles were almost non-existent.

Cost Performance

The 24 Twin Power offers almost the same performance as the Stella at about half the price. The fact that you can get a reel with such performance at this price range makes it highly cost-effective. There are no issues with the reel’s performance, making it recommended for those who need multiple reels.

Design and Quality Evaluation

The 24 Twin Power has an excellent appearance and design, with a calm, mature look that matches well with various rods. It receives high marks in all aspects, including winding feel, rigidity, and lightness, and has quality comparable to the 22 Stella. However, the only downside is that it is essentially a lower-tier version of the 22 Stella. Nevertheless, the metal rotor and tight winding technology clearly differentiate it from the 23 Stradic.


品番ギア比実用ドラグ力(Kg)最大ドラグ力(Kg)自重(g)スプール 径(mm)/ストローク(mm)糸巻量ナイロン(号-m)糸巻量ナイロン(lb-m)糸巻量ナイロン(mm-m)糸巻量フロロ(号-m)糸巻量フロロ(lb-m)糸巻量PE(号-m)最大巻上長(cm/ハンドル1回転)ハンドル長さ(mm)本体価格(円)
C2000S5.12317543/13.53-125, 4-100, 5-750.14-145, 0.16-105, 0.18-803-110, 4-85, 5-650.6-150, 0.8-110, 1-80694053,500円
C2500SXG6.32318044/13.55-110, 6-95, 8-700.16-150, 0.18-120, 0.20-954-130, 5-100, 6-800.6-200, 0.8-150, 1-120874553,500円
2500S5.12.5421047/175-110, 6-95, 8-700.16-150, 0.18-120, 0.20-954-130, 5-100, 6-800.6-200, 0.8-150, 1-120755054,000円
2500SHG5.82.5421047/175-110, 6-95, 8-700.16-150, 0.18-120, 0.20-954-130, 5-100, 6-800.6-200, 0.8-150, 1-120865554,000円
C30005.13.5921547/172.5-180, 3-150, 4-1000.25-210, 0.30-130, 0.35-1002.5-160, 3-130, 4-1001-400, 1.5-270, 2-200755054,000円
C3000MHG5.83.5921547/171.5-165, 1.7-150, 2-1308-130, 10-110, 12-850.25-125, 0.30-858-110, 10-90, 12-801-190, 1.2-150, 1.5-120865554,000円
C3000XG6.43.5921547/172.5-180, 3-150, 4-1000.25-210, 0.30-130, 0.35-1002.5-160, 3-130, 4-1001-400, 1.5-270, 2-200945554,000円
3000MHG5.73.5923547/171.5-165, 1.7-150, 2-1308-130, 10-110, 12-850.25-125, 0.30-858-110, 10-90, 12-801-190, 1.2-150, 1.5-120845555,000円
4000M5.361126052/192.5-160, 3-120, 4-900.25-165, 0.30-120, 0.35-803-110, 4-90, 5-651.2-250, 1.5-200, 2-150875555,000円
4000PG4.461126552/193.5-170, 4-150, 5-1250.30-180, 0.35-1303-190, 4-145, 5-1151-490, 1.5-320, 2-240725756,000円
4000MHG5.761126052/192.5-160, 3-120, 4-900.25-165, 0.30-120, 0.35-803-110, 4-90, 5-651.2-250, 1.5-200, 2-150935555,000円
4000XG6.261126052/193.5-170, 4-150, 5-1250.30-180, 0.35-1303-190, 4-145, 5-1151-490, 1.5-320, 2-2401015755,000円
C5000XG6.261126552/194-190, 5-150, 6-1250.35-175, 0.40-1204-170, 5-135, 6-1151.5-400, 2-300, 3-2001015756,000円

Introduction of Each Model

C2000 Size

The C2000S is the only model in this series. It is suitable for light game fishing such as Ajing (horse mackerel fishing), Mebaru (rockfish) fishing, and trout game. This model weighs 175g, making it the lightest in the series. It has a gear ratio of 5.1 and is equipped with 9 ball bearings.

2500 Size

There are three types in the 2500 size: C2500SXG, 2500S, and 2500SHG. The C2500SXG is the lightest at 180g and can retrieve 87cm of line per handle turn. It is suitable for Eging (squid fishing) and bass fishing.

3000 Size

There are four types in the 3000 size: C3000, C3000MHG, C3000XG, and 3000MHG. The three models in the C3000 size all weigh 215g. They are suitable for a wide range of saltwater fishing, including seabass and chinning games.

4000 Size

There are four types in the 4000 size: 4000M, 4000PG, 4000MHG, and 4000XG. The 4000PG weighs 265g, while the other models weigh 260g. The 4000PG, in particular, is designed for powerful retrieval in situations where large fish are lurking.

C5000 Size

The C5000XG is the only model in this size. It weighs 265g and is ideal for light shore jigging games. It features a 57mm long handle and a round handle knob, making it especially recommended for anglers targeting large bluefish.



In this renewal, the most noteworthy change is the significant improvement in reel rigidity. The 24 Twin Power continues to use a metal rotor and HAGANE body, as seen in the 20 Twin Power. Additionally, the incorporation of Infinity Cross and Infinity Drive from the Stella has further enhanced the power unit. These changes have improved overall durability and performance.

Born in 1994. Originally from Hyogo Prefecture, I moved to Iwata City in Shizuoka Prefecture in search of the sea. I am an Enshunada surf angler who enjoys surf fishing. I am also active on YouTube, and my fishing grounds range from Irago to Iwata.