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How to Customize the DUEL Monster Shot


This time, I would like to introduce the customized “Monster Shot Kai” that I also featured on YouTube.

Once you use this, you might not be able to go back to regular monster shots! Haha. When the bluefish are biting like crazy, you definitely want to try this! Let’s get to the explanation!

How to Customize the Monster Shot

First, let’s prepare the 95mm Monster Shot. The color doesn’t matter, but Minagiman’s recommendation is matte pink! I’ve only used this color, but it works incredibly well, haha.

First, remove the front hook. Although the hooks on the Monster Shot are strong even in their original state, this customized version is set up to target primarily yellowtail or larger fish, so I change the treble hook to a No. 2 from Cultiva. Even with the No. 2 hook, it often bends… It seems that hooking is crucial, but when targeting big fish, it’s better to use larger hooks.

I use No. 2 treble hooks from Cultiva.

After removing the front hook, first attach a split ring to the eye. This is strong and highly recommended.

created by Rinker

Then, attach this Cultiva step assist hook to the split ring! Yes, this is the key point of the customized Monster Shot.

By attaching the assist hook to the eye, it is set up just like a metal jig. There are two options, “Hold” and “Fast Hook,” but I recommend “Hold.” This is because the emotional damage is greater when a fish escapes after being hooked, rather than not hooking at all. Haha.

I highly recommend this Cultiva step assist hook, so I’ll include a link below. I’ve never had a fish escape with it. The main item for this customization is the Cultiva single hook, which is linked below:

Important Note

Yes, it’s complete! But there’s one important note to mention. It’s here!

Pay attention to where you attach the snap!

It’s about the position where you attach the snap! Make sure to attach the snap below the split ring. If you attach it above the split ring, the hooking rate will significantly drop (工エエェェ(´д`)ェェエエ工) as the hook will stick flat against the body.

When you attach it below the split ring, the assist hook moves freely, keeping it always ready for action. This way, the hooking rate increases.

Alright, that concludes the explanation on how to customize the Monster Shot.

Action Method

The recommended method for operating the customized Monster Shot is a high-speed stop-and-go. When there is a boil, a steady retrieve might work, but I mostly catch fish with this high-speed stop-and-go. Here is a video of me catching fish using the stop-and-go method:

Fish that bite during the stop in the stop-and-go technique are usually relatively large bluefish based on past catches. On the other hand, the fish that bite during the retrieve are often smaller, like yellowtail. So, focus and sharpen your senses during the stop!

This customized Monster Shot rarely loses fish! I’ve only caught four fish with it so far, but the sense of security after hooking a fish is incredible. You don’t have to worry about the hook coming off even with a slightly forceful fight. If you’re not good at hooking, try multiple follow-up hooks after the fish is on, haha.

Even beginners can catch big fish with time on the surf, so the hook becomes quite important.

With this customized Monster Shot, the biggest yellowtail I’ve caught is 75 cm, but I think it’s perfectly set up for even larger fish like the Japanese amberjack. In 2023, I caught an 84 cm amberjack with it.

Definitely sneak one of these into your lure case, haha.

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