24 Stradic SW is here! With enhanced toughness specifications, it’s ready to tackle even more challenges.


Here comes the much-anticipated reel for 2024! Many of you must have been eagerly awaiting its release, right? It’s the spotlight reel for this summer season. Introducing the “24 Stradic SW”! Let’s dive into the details.

24 Stradic SW design

24 Stradic SW Features

  • Rough Features
    • Toughness with no blind spots
    • Equipped with Infinity Drive
    • Equipped with Infinity Cross
    • Equipped with Anti-Twist Fin
    • Improved drag performance with X-Tough Drag
    • Ironclad waterproof structure with X-Protect
    • Enhanced high-performance practical model

The Stradic SW, which has been equipped with power, toughness, and waterproof performance comparable to higher-end models, has been designed to handle harsh saltwater environments. This ultra-practical reel has been renewed and evolved according to each model number.

4000 Model for Light Saltwater

Based on the highly rated 23 Stradic, it has introduced Infinity Cross, Infinity Drive, and Anti-Twist Fin. This improves gear durability, reduces line trouble, and enhances usability.

5000 to 10000 Models

These models are equipped with X-Tough Drag, which enhances durability, heat dissipation, and maximum drag force. They are designed for battling with heavy lures and large fish. Additionally, the 5000 and 6000 models have eliminated the conventional bail auto-return mechanism to prevent casting troubles.

This series, consisting of nine items, offers performance that exceeds its class, making it a more practical model for actual use.

Performance Analysis of the 24 Stradic SW

Unmatched Toughness Befitting the “SW” Name

Saltwater fishing often takes place in harsher conditions compared to freshwater fishing. The salt-laden wind, splashing waves, direct sunlight, and the immense power of large fish pose significant challenges to both anglers and their gear.

To withstand these severe conditions, saltwater tackle needs to have advanced specifications. Bearing the “SW” designation signifies durability and reliability. Shimano’s reels, with their robust construction and innovative technologies, provide the toughness necessary to handle the rigors of saltwater fishing.

Significantly Upgraded 4000 Model

The smallest model in the series, the 4000, has seen significant upgrades from its predecessor. Notably, the introduction of Infinity Drive has made the winding more powerful. Additionally, the use of Infinity Cross has greatly improved gear durability.

Although primarily designed for light game, this model boasts toughness that rivals larger sizes. Enhanced operability is another highlight, with the newly equipped Anti-Twist Fin reducing line trouble for a more comfortable fishing experience. The handle, featuring a CI4+ round knob, delivers maximum power with minimal input.

Enhanced Drag Performance for Large Fish Strategy

Models 5000 and above feature the X-Tough Drag, consisting of metal and carbon washers that support the spool from both top and bottom. This configuration includes a large drag washer at the bottom of the spool, enhancing the maximum drag value.

The 5000 and 6000 models have seen an increase from 12kg to 13kg, the 8000 model from 13kg to 15kg, and the 10000 model from 13kg to 16kg. This improvement allows for more reliable handling of large fish. The X-Tough Drag also improves durability and heat dissipation, resulting in smoother and more stable drag performance.

Ironclad Waterproof Structure to Reduce the Threat of Saltwater Intrusion

One of the greatest threats in saltwater fishing is the intrusion of salt. Saltwater entering the reel can corrode internal structures, leading to a decline in initial performance. Hence, waterproof performance is crucial. The X-Protect system in the 4000 model features a non-contact waterproof structure that maintains light rotation while providing high waterproof performance. This system is applied to the stopper bearing and line roller sections to prevent saltwater intrusion.

For models 5000 and above, the X-Shield system is adopted. This system uses strong sealing on the body and lid seams as well as the spool and drag knob contact surfaces, achieving even higher waterproof performance.


The 24 Stradic SW features a chic design based on a deep navy color. This design tightens the overall look of the tackle, giving it a sleek and stylish appearance.

This reel, with its comprehensive specs, covers almost all the necessary elements for rock shore fishing. It also performs reliably in offshore or remote island expeditions, making it a dependable companion in any fishing scenario.

Designed not only for advanced anglers but also for those new to SW-type reels, it offers ease of use that can be appreciated by all. With this reel, you can target various fish species and fully enjoy rock shore fishing.

Born in 1994. Originally from Hyogo Prefecture, I moved to Iwata City in Shizuoka Prefecture in search of the sea. I am an Enshunada surf angler who enjoys surf fishing. I am also active on YouTube, and my fishing grounds range from Irago to Iwata.