In-Depth Guide to Recommended Surf Rods by Price Range! Featuring the Latest Models!


Surf fishing, targeting valuable fish such as flounder, flathead, and yellowtail, is currently one of the most popular forms of saltwater lure fishing.

In surf fishing, it is common to use rods specifically designed for surf, known as surf rods. Using surf rods can significantly improve your catch rate.

Recently, surf rods have seen remarkable advancements, and various brands now offer a wide range of surf rods, from beginner to high-end models.

This guide will introduce recommended surf rods categorized by price range.

What is a Surf Rod?

A surf rod is a fishing rod specialized for casting games in the vast surf area. The target fish for surf games include flounder, flathead, bluefish, and more.

The main feature of surf game rods is their ability to cast metal jigs, minnows, sinking pencils, worms, and jig head rigs far out into the open sea. The choice of rod specifications depends on the fish you want to catch and the lures you use.

Long casting performance is crucial in surf games due to the vast area, and long casts are essential for better results. To cast lures far, the rod blanks need a certain length and power. Generally, surf rods over 10 feet are recommended. However, rods longer than 11 feet can become heavy and tiring for long casting sessions.

When starting surf fishing, a lightweight rod is recommended for ease of handling and more casting opportunities. It’s important to choose a rod with the appropriate power for the lure weight and target fish. For example, an M power blank is suitable for lures around 20g, while an MH power rod is recommended for handling 40g class lures.

How to Choose a Surf Rod

Rod Stiffness: When choosing a surf rod, first identify the target fish species. For example, the stiffness of the rod you choose will vary depending on whether you are targeting large fish or enjoying smaller catches.

Rod Length: Surf rods come in various lengths. Generally, longer rods are suitable for long casts and targeting larger fish. Conversely, shorter rods are recommended for those who prefer less fatigue and easier handling.

Price: It’s important to choose a rod that fits your budget. While more expensive rods often offer better performance, beginners are advised to start with affordable rods.

This guide will introduce how to choose surf rods based on different price ranges.

How to Choose the Right Stiffness for a Surf Rod

Soft rods can properly cast lightweight lures (8-42g) but have lower capability to reel in large fish.

On the other hand, stiff rods can handle heavy lures (10-50g) and have the strength to reel in large fish. However, their stiffness can make casting lures more challenging.

The advantage of a soft rod is its ability to cast smoothly by utilizing the rod’s flex. In surf lure casting, 20g-40g lures are common. Therefore, there is no need to choose an overly stiff rod. For targeting flounder, a medium (M) stiffness rod is suitable, while for bluefish, a medium-heavy (MH) stiffness rod is recommended.

Choose the rod stiffness based on whether you are targeting flounder or bluefish in the surf!

During peak season, MH is a safe choice as there are more large fish.

Suitable Lure Weight

“Suitable lure weight” refers to the weight of the lure that a rod can cast comfortably. In surf fishing, where metal jigs with less air resistance are often used, it may also be specified separately as “suitable jig weight.”

As a general guideline for surf fishing, the lure weight is typically up to 40g, with jig weights going up to 50g. However, the suitable weight can vary depending on the rod’s length, power, and taper. For casting heavier lures, a long, heavy rod is recommended. Conversely, for fishing that requires delicate actions, a light finesse rod is more suitable.

Lightweight Rods are Recommended for Beginners

In surf fishing, casting lures far and retrieving repeatedly to increase bite chances is key to success, given the expansive fishing areas.

Rod Weight and Length: While longer rods offer greater casting distance, they also tend to be heavier. Since surf fishing often involves casting throughout the day, lightweight rods are easier to handle and reduce fatigue.

Heavier, longer rods are suitable for anglers who have the strength and stamina. However, for those who tire easily during long fishing sessions, shorter and softer rods are recommended.

Recommended Surf Rod Manufacturers


Shimano is one of Japan’s top-rated fishing tackle brands, renowned globally for its high-quality products. Shimano is especially praised for its reel technology and also offers a wide range of rods and lures. Shimano’s “Nessa” series of surf rods is available in various price ranges and functionalities. With a selection of rods differing in length and strength, the Nessa series is highly recommended for anyone seeking quality surf rods.


Daiwa is another leading Japanese fishing tackle brand known for its comprehensive range of fishing products, including rods, reels, lures, fishing lines, apparel, and accessories. In the surf rod category, Daiwa offers diverse options, including rods for seabass and shore jigging. Daiwa’s product variety and price ranges cater to both beginners and advanced anglers, making it a popular choice. The “Over There” series is particularly recommended.

Major Craft

Major Craft, based in Osaka, is a specialized fishing tackle manufacturer providing a wide range of products for saltwater fishing, such as seabass, shore jigging, egging, and light game, as well as freshwater fishing like trout and bass. In the surf rod category, Major Craft offers models like the “Fretrek 5G” for flatfish, as well as the “Triple Cross” and “Cross Stage” series.


Jackson offers the “Surf Tribe” and “Ocean Gate” series for surf fishing. While the Surf Tribe series targets intermediate to advanced anglers, the Ocean Gate series is suitable for beginners and newcomers.

Recommended Surf Rods Under ¥10,000

DAIWA Lure Nist

The DAIWA Lure Nist is introduced as an entry-level shore fishing rod. This rod is highly adaptable to various fish species, particularly flatfish and flounder. It also has models suitable for light shore jigging, making it ideal for targeting bluefish. The Lure Nist offers reliable performance for both beginners and experienced anglers.

Major Craft First Cast Shore Jigging

The Major Craft “First Cast Shore Jigging” series is designed to introduce the appeal of shore jigging to more anglers. This series provides simple tackle for targeting various fish species, offering excellent cost performance, ease of handling, and a powerful blank that can handle unexpected large fish. It also features high-quality Fuji guides, ensuring its reliability.

Major Craft Solpara Shore Jigging

The Major Craft “Solpara” is highly rated by anglers for shore jigging. This rod is designed to accommodate the latest lures and methods, with improved carbon material, grip shape, and guide settings. It offers excellent cast feel and operability, making it suitable for mid-level to advanced anglers, beginners, and even those with less strength, such as women and children. The SPX-962MH model is recommended for surf fishing.

Recommended Surf Rods ¥10,000 to ¥20,000

DAIWA Sea Bass Flat X

The “Sea Bass Flat X” is a rod from DAIWA designed for targeting sea bass and flatfish (such as flounder) in areas like harbors, rivers, and surf zones. It features Braiding X technology to reduce twisting under heavy loads, improving casting distance and control. K guides are also used, making it suitable for various fishing situations.

DAIWA Over There

The “Over There” rod is designed for tackling large surf and rocky fields, targeting a variety of species such as flounder, flatfish, and bluefish. It uses Braiding X to reduce twisting and K guides to minimize line tangling. The oval reel seat enhances grip and reduces fatigue during long fishing sessions.

Shimano Nessa BB

The Nessa BB is highly regarded for providing a stress-free fishing experience with a focus on lightweight design and advanced features. It incorporates “High Power X” to enhance casting distance, control, and power, making it suitable for targeting large fish like flounder, flatfish, and bluefish.

Major Craft Flatwreck 1G

The “Flatwreck 1G” is a surf rod designed for targeting flatfish from the surf. The FR1-1062MH model is ideal for fishing in areas with strong currents or high waves. It features a sensitive tip and a powerful butt section, making it suitable for targeting flatfish and bluefish.

Recommended Surf Rods ¥20,000 to ¥30,000

Xesta Runway SRF

The “Runway SRF” is a special model surf rod from XESTA designed for light shore jigging, plugging, and worming. It targets medium-sized bluefish, flatfish, and sea bass. The flexible tubular blanks made from a balanced mix of high and medium modulus carbon improve sensitivity and casting feel, making surf fishing more enjoyable and effective.

Palms Shore Gun Evolve Flatfish Edition

The Shore Gun Evolve Flatfish Edition is highly rated for its performance in targeting flatfish. It combines lightweight design with high power, enhancing casting control and target approach. It is suitable for targeting large fish like flounder, flatfish, and bluefish, offering high power and maneuverability for large fish fights.

Recommended Surf Rods ¥30,000 to ¥40,000

DAIWA Over There Grande

The “Over There Grande” (Surf Model) is a high-standard surf rod from DAIWA designed for superior casting and enjoyment. It features upgraded blanks for improved distance and control, with a sleek appearance. The high-end reel seat and SiC guides enhance heat dissipation and durability, making it suitable for long-distance casting and heavy-duty use.

Major Craft Flatwreck 5G

The “Flatwreck 5G” series is designed for targeting flatfish, with a focus on reducing angler fatigue. It uses the new “R360 structure” and “Toray T1100G carbon” for lightweight, powerful casting performance. The two models available can handle a wide range of jigs and lures, making them versatile for various surf fishing conditions.

Shimano Nessa XR

The “Nessa XR” from Shimano is developed with the latest technology, using high modulus carbon for lightweight strength. It offers excellent balance and operability, making it ideal for long casting and sensitive fishing in surf areas. This rod is highly reliable, suitable for targeting large fish like flounder, flatfish, and bluefish, ensuring a fun and effective surf fishing experience.

Recommended Surf Rods ¥40,000 to ¥50,000

DAIWA Over There AGS

The Over There AGS is a high-end shore casting rod from DAIWA, featuring AGS TYPE-R and SVF Nano Plus technologies. This rod offers high sensitivity and lightweight performance, making it ideal for various shore fishing conditions. It has excellent casting capability and durability, suitable for targeting large fish like flounder, flatfish, and bluefish.

Recommended Surf Rods ¥50,000 to ¥100,000

Gcraft MSS-1052-TR Openarea NIMBLE Special

The Monster Surf rod is designed specifically for targeting large fish in offshore surf areas. It handles a wide range of lures, from medium minnows to heavy metal jigs, with a responsive tip and powerful butt section. High-quality components like the carbon reel seat and titanium guides ensure durability and performance.

Latest Shimano Nessa Limited 23

The “Nessa Limited 23” is one of Shimano’s latest surf rods, featuring advanced technologies for lightweight and high operability. The “Hyper Power X” and “CI4+” technologies improve casting stability and reduce rod twist. The spiral X technology enhances power and sensitivity, making it highly effective for surf fishing and targeting large fish like flounder, flatfish, and bluefish.


Above is our special feature on recommended surf rods by price range. As time progresses, each rod has become very cost-effective and suitable for surf fishing.

This article will be updated as new rods are released in the future.

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