[Review] Shimano 23 Stradic Explained in the Most Straightforward Way


The Stradic has been renewed for 2023. Not only does it boast high durability, but it is also lighter than the previous Stradic and has been meticulously refined in every detail.

Additionally, the 23 Stradic inherits features and performance from the high-end 22 Stella, making it an exceptional value for a standard model.

In this article, we will delve into the performance of the 23 Stradic, what has changed from the 19 Stradic, and which rods pair well with the 23 Stradic.

What is the 23 Stradic?

Shimano aims to position the 23 Stradic as the new standard for spinning reels. By enhancing the performance and features expected of a standard model, beginners who purchase this reel may find other reels lacking in comparison. It is a reel of such high quality.

The most notable feature is that despite incorporating the latest technology, it is priced as a standard model, ranging from 27,700 yen to 31,000 yen, offering incredible value.

And the 23 Stradic is 5g lighter than the 19 Stradic in each of the models: 4000, 4000XG, 4000MHG, and C5000XG. This reduction in weight makes long casting sessions more comfortable.

speed 150XG model, allowing left-handed anglers to enjoy the fastest retrieve rates for high-demand fishing techniques.


The weight is average, making it easy to carry and use without feeling burdensome. Even in high gear models, the feeling of weight when reeling is reduced, allowing for smooth operation.

The aluminum body is highly rigid, providing the strength to handle medium-sized fish effectively. The drag performance is generally sufficient, though it may lack some of the finesse compared to higher-end models.

Regarding casting distance and line troubles, there are hardly any issues even when fishing with line slack. The rigidity around the handle ensures stable operation.

One point of concern is that the rotor can sometimes feel slightly unbalanced during reeling.

It is suitable for all-round fishing, particularly for flatfish, rockfish, and bluefish, where heavy loads are involved.

Smoothness and Noise

The reeling feel of the 23 Stradic has improved with the adoption of MicroModule Gear II, though it doesn’t quite match the smoothness of higher-end models. While not as uniformly smooth as the Stella or Twin Power, it performs satisfactorily during actual fishing.

There is a slight sensation of gear friction and a whirring sound, but this is average for mid-range models. Compared to Daiwa reels, there isn’t a noticeable difference, although the Stradic has slightly finer detail.

Feeling of Weight When Reeling

The inclusion of Infinity Drive has improved the feeling of weight when reeling, especially in high gear models, which perform better than lower-grade reels. While the extra high gear model does have some of the typical sluggishness of high gear, it is not inconvenient to use.


The inertia when turning the handle is not particularly excellent in the 23 Stradic. Due to the weight and balance of the rotor, the inertia feels more pronounced. Daiwa’s Caldia and Legalis reels have better rotor balance, making them easier to start and stop reeling precisely. However, some lures are easier to reel continuously with higher inertia, so there are both advantages and disadvantages depending on the usage.


The 23 Stradic series uses a metal body made of aluminum, providing high rigidity and resistance to deformation under load. There is no problem with the body strength when reeling in medium-sized fish, and it compares well to the Quick Response series. The strength of the metal body is particularly useful when using the drag extensively or fishing with lures that create significant resistance. For high-load fishing, reels with a metal body like the 23 Stradic are recommended.

While the rotor is made of resin, unlike the Twin Power or Stella, this difference does not significantly affect reeling power. Even with a resin rotor, it has sufficient strength for actual fishing and can handle the loads of surf fishing for flounder or light shore jigging.


The drag sound is relatively quiet and can be drowned out by wind or waves. A louder drag sound would be preferable, but it does not directly affect fishing performance. The smoothness of the drag has improved compared to older models with carbon washers, reducing stickiness. The basic performance is sufficient, though there is a noticeable difference in initial smoothness compared to higher-end models.

The drag on the 23 Stradic can feel slightly stiff with sudden fish movements. Therefore, if you prefer to keep the drag tight during fights, it is easier to use with a looser drag setting compared to higher-end models. The drag mechanism features a plastic collar on the spool shaft, with a simple design lacking a collar inside the drag itself. Bearings can be added only to the spool shaft, not inside the drag.

Casting Distance

The 23 Stradic does not feature Infinity Loop, and the oscillation speed is standard. This can result in a slight choppiness during casting and minor differences in casting distance. However, under challenging conditions like headwinds or frequent line slack, it reduces the risk of trouble.

The decision not to include Infinity Loop is deemed appropriate, given the 23 Stradic’s target user range from beginners to intermediate anglers. The risk of line trouble is minimal, making the 23 Stradic a reliable choice for a wide range of fishing styles.

Comparison with Competing Models

23 Stradic vs. Daiwa 21 Caldia

  • Weight: The Caldia emphasizes lightness.
  • Load Handling: The Stradic, with its metal body, is superior for situations where load is a concern.
  • Rigidity and Winding Power: The Stradic excels in rigidity and winding power.
  • Rotor Stability and Lightness: The Caldia has better rotor stability and lightness, making it suitable for light fishing.

23 Stradic vs. Daiwa 23 Legalis

  • Rigidity: The 23 Legalis is designed with a focus on rigidity and features a metal body.
  • Rotor Stability: The 23 Legalis has slightly better rotor stability.
  • Smoothness and Line Roller: The Stradic outperforms in smooth winding, ease of winding, and line roller structure.
  • Cost Performance: The 23 Legalis offers slightly better cost performance, but the Stradic excels in finer details.
  • Body Rigidity: Both models provide sufficient body rigidity, allowing selection based on budget.

23 Stradic vs. Shimano 20 Vanford

  • Weight: The 20 Vanford is part of the Quick Response series, prioritizing lightness.
  • Rigidity: The Stradic excels in rigidity and solidity.
  • Winding Feel: The Vanford has a more hollow winding feel, which is advantageous for light lure operation in trout or ajing fishing.
  • Delicate Fishing: The Vanford is better suited for delicate fishing with ester lines.
  • Targeting Larger Fish: The Stradic is preferred for fishing targeting larger species like bluefish.

Technologies Incorporated in the 23 Stradic

Some might wonder what makes the 23 Stradic so exceptional and different from other reels, despite knowing it inherits technologies from the 22 Stella and offers great value for its price. Here, we will introduce all the technologies incorporated in the 23 Stradic.

Among these, the technologies known as Infinity Cross and Dura Cross have significantly improved performance compared to the previous 19 Stradic and are definitely worth checking out!

Infinity Cross

Compared to the previous model, the new Stradic shows increased strength without the gears rubbing and getting damaged under load. This is due to the increased contact area between the drive gear and the pinion gear, which distributes the load more effectively and enhances durability over the previous design. This allows for superior performance when reeling in large fish or substantial flounder.

Dura Cross

The new washer material has been redesigned to enhance abrasion resistance by more than 10 times compared to conventional materials. This reduces the risk of line breaks under high load and minimizes damage to the reel itself. This material, carried over from the 22 Stella, surprises those familiar with the durability of the 22 Stella and makes the 23 Stradic a highly recommended purchase for those seeking enhanced durability.


This technology ensures strength and powerful reeling, even in harsh environments.


Made by pressing a solid piece of metal, the gear is hard and tough, providing a smooth reeling experience.

MicroModule Gear II

With state-of-the-art gear tooth design, this technology reduces noise and achieves a smoother gear feeling.


By increasing the size of the drive gear and optimally positioning both the pinion and drive gears, this technology ensures strong gear engagement and durability under heavy loads.


Utilizing magnesium and aluminum, the body is both lightweight and highly rigid.

Infinity Drive

This structure allows for active reeling even under high load, thanks to special surface treatment on the main shaft.


By eliminating gaps, looseness, and play between parts, this technology enhances rigidity, smooth rotation performance, and quietness.

Anti-Twist Fin

This shape suppresses line slack and reduces the incidence of lines wrapping under the spool.


With a labyrinth structure that prevents water ingress, this technology provides high waterproof performance.

G Free Body

By bringing the reel’s center of gravity closer to the hand, it improves the sense of unity with the rod, reducing fatigue during long casting sessions.

AR-C Spool

This spool design reduces line trouble and enhances casting performance.

Long Stroke Spool

This shape minimizes line reduction at the end of the cast, increasing casting distance.


This technology prevents saltwater damage inside the bearings, significantly improving rust resistance.

One-Piece Bail

A seamless bail design that enhances aesthetics and reduces trouble.


C2000S5.12318543/13.53-125, 4-100, 5-750.14-145, 0.16-105, 0.18-803-110, 4-85, 5-650.6-150, 0.8-110, 1-8069406/1S-31, 32AH-10HC-3C, E27,700円045782
C2000SHG62318543/13.53-125, 4-100, 5-750.14-145, 0.16-105, 0.18-803-110, 4-85, 5-650.6-150, 0.8-110, 1-8081456/1S-31, 32AH-10HC-3C, E27,700円045799
C2500S5.12318544/13.55-110, 6-95, 8-700.16-150, 0.18-120, 0.20-954-130, 5-100, 6-800.6-200, 0.8-150, 1-12070406/1S-31, 32AH-10HC-3C, E27,700円045805
C2500SXG6.32318544/13.55-110, 6-95, 8-700.16-150, 0.18-120, 0.20-954-130, 5-100, 6-800.6-200, 0.8-150, 1-12087456/1S-31, 32AH-10HC-3C, E27,700円045812
2500S5.12.5422047/175-110, 6-95, 8-700.16-150, 0.18-120, 0.20-954-130, 5-100, 6-800.6-200, 0.8-150, 1-12075506/1S-33AH-11HC-2C, E28,300円045829
2500SHG5.82.5422047/175-110, 6-95, 8-700.16-150, 0.18-120, 0.20-954-130, 5-100, 6-800.6-200, 0.8-150, 1-12086556/1S-33AH-11HC-2C, E28,300円045836
C30005.13.5922547/172.5-180, 3-150, 4-1000.25-210, 0.30-130, 0.35-1002.5-160, 3-130, 4-1001-400, 1.5-270, 2-20075556/1S-33AH-11HC-2C, E29,100円045843
C3000HG5.83.5922547/172.5-180, 3-150, 4-1000.25-210, 0.30-130, 0.35-1002.5-160, 3-130, 4-1001-400, 1.5-270, 2-20086556/1S-33AH-11HC-2C, E29,100円045850
C3000XG6.43.5922547/172.5-180, 3-150, 4-1000.25-210, 0.30-130, 0.35-1002.5-160, 3-130, 4-1001-400, 1.5-270, 2-20094556/1S-33AH-11HC-2C, E29,100円045867
3000MHG5.73.5924547/171.5-165, 1.7-150, 2-1308-130, 10-110, 12-850.25-125, 0.30-858-110, 10-90, 12-801-190, 1.2-150, 1.5-12084556/1S-33AH-11HC-2C, E30,300円045874
40005.361127552/193.5-170, 4-150, 5-1250.30-180, 0.35-1303-190, 4-145, 5-1151-490, 1.5-320, 2-24087556/1S-28AH-11HC-2C, E30,300円045881
4000MHG5.761127552/192.5-160, 3-120, 4-900.25-165, 0.30-120, 0.35-803-110, 4-90, 5-651.2-250, 1.5-200, 2-15093556/1S-28AH-11HC-2C, E30,300円045898
4000XG6.261127552/193.5-170, 4-150, 5-1250.30-180, 0.35-1303-190, 4-145, 5-1151-490, 1.5-320, 2-240101576/1S-28AH-11HC-2C, E30,300円045904
C5000XG6.261129052/194-190, 5-150, 6-1250.35-175, 0.40-1204-170, 5-135, 6-1151.5-400, 2-300, 3-200101576/1S-28AH-11HC-2C, E31,000円045911

The 23 Stradic offers 14 different models.

For surf fishing, the recommended models are the 4000MHG, 4000XG, and C5000XG.

As a side note, in Shimano’s model numbering, the “C” in C3000 stands for “Compact.” This means that the C3000 has the body of a 2500 model with the spool of a 3000 model.


A highly versatile model recommended for those who find the reeling speed of extra-high gear reels too fast. Its versatility makes it suitable not only for surf fishing but also for various other lure fishing styles.


Recommended for those who primarily engage in surf fishing. This extra-high gear reel retrieves 101cm per turn, making it ideal for fast-moving currents and strong crosswinds. It quickly picks up slack line, reducing line trouble.


Designed for targeting large bluefish, this model is characterized by its strength and rigidity. It features a round handle knob that makes it easier to apply force when reeling in large fish, allowing for quick retrieval even when encountering sudden, heavy strikes.


Shimano’s popular model, the “23 Stradic,” has returned after four years with significant advancements, making it an exceptional choice for anglers seeking superb operability and more refined fishing capabilities.

With the release of this reel as Shimano’s new standard model, there will be greater expectations for durability, functionality, and lightness in reels. Enjoy your fishing trips with the 23 Stradic, equipped with Shimano’s top-tier technology.

Born in 1994. Originally from Hyogo Prefecture, I moved to Iwata City in Shizuoka Prefecture in search of the sea. I am an Enshunada surf angler who enjoys surf fishing. I am also active on YouTube, and my fishing grounds range from Irago to Iwata.