2024 Shimano and Daiwa New Reels Overview


New reels have been released one after another in 2024 as well! I’m thrilled to see the reels getting better every year!

In this article, we’ve compiled the new reel releases from 2020 to 2024.

24 Airity ST

The “24 Airity ST” released by Daiwa in 2024 will be added separately from the 23 Airity. Furthermore, an SF model will be added to these two Airity versions.


The “24 Airity ST,” released by Daiwa in 2024, is an extremely lightweight spinning reel available in sizes ranging from 1000 to 2500. Among these high-end models, the ST SF1000S-P stands out with its astonishingly light weight of just 130g. Similarly, the ST SF2000SS-P and ST SF2000SS-H are also set at 130g, and even the heaviest model, the ST LT2500S-XH-QD, is kept at 150g. This significant reduction in weight is expected to greatly enhance the user’s sensitivity.

However, the features of the 24 Airity ST do not stop there. While maintaining the basic performance of the 23 Airity and 23 Airity SF, improvements have been made to the ball bearings in the main rotation parts to achieve lighter handle rotation. In the normal models of the 23 Airity, grease-based ball bearings were used, but in the 24 Airity ST, these have been changed to lower-viscosity oil-based bearings. This change sacrifices durability but pursues the lightest possible rotation. Furthermore, the 24 Airity ST does not incorporate the Magsealed technology in the pinion area. By omitting the Magseal, they achieve slight weight reduction, embodying the concept of ST = Sensitive Tune. This Sensitive Tune provides refined rotational performance, a nearly imperceptible knob feel, and an overwhelming amount of information transmitted to the hand when turning the handle.

24 Twin Power

The 2024 model of the Twin Power comes with the following five key features!

  1. Infinity Loop (tight winding)
  2. Infinity Cross
  3. Infinity Drive
  4. Anti-Twist Fin
  5. DURA Cross

A particularly noteworthy point is that, in addition to the Infinity Loop (tight winding) function, it incorporates all the features that were included in the 2022 model of the Stella. With this combination of features, the new Twin Power boasts exceptionally high performance.

Additionally, the new model continues to include traditional features such as “Micromodule Gear II,” “HAGANE Gear,” “HAGANE Body,” “X-Ship,” and “X-Protect,” which were also adopted in existing models.

24 Certate

Features of Air Drive Design

The Air Drive Design is a new spinning reel that combines rigidity and operability. It incorporates four advanced technologies. The Air Drive Rotor uses lightweight and high-rigidity ZAION material to maintain rigidity while reducing weight. The Air Drive Bail features a hollow pipe structure that combines lightness and rigidity, improving line trouble-free performance. The Air Drive Spool reduces weight through thin-walled construction while maintaining rigidity, enhancing operability. The Air Drive Shaft has a non-contact structure of the main shaft that eliminates friction resistance, ensuring efficient power transmission.

Additional Features

Other features include TOUGH DIGIGEAR and WATERPROOF HANDLE SEAL. The design adopts an aluminum monocoque structure, achieving high rigidity, lightweight, and compact design. The drive gear uses ultra-duralumin machine-cut tough digigear for improved durability under high loads. The main shaft is made of high-rigidity SUS material to ensure no power loss. The pinion and line roller sections feature Magsealed technology to maintain long-term rotational performance and enhance waterproof and dustproof capabilities.

24 Gekkabijin X

The “24 Gekkabijin X” is designed specifically for light saltwater game fishing, featuring significant improvements in sensitivity, operability, and trouble-free performance. There are three models available, each with its own unique appeal. This reel incorporates Daiwa’s innovative Air Drive Design, embodying the concept of next-generation spinning reels. Two key elements, the Air Drive Rotor and Air Drive Bail, dramatically enhance operability, providing a significant advantage when catching fish. The Air Drive Rotor uses the innovative ZAION V (carbon hybrid resin), and its unique shape combined with the new arm lever design enhances trouble-free performance. This reduces stress during casting and rod work, allowing for a more comfortable fishing experience. It is particularly suitable for fishing small fish like horse mackerel (Aji) and other small-sized fish.

24 Roxani SP

The new product, the 24 Roxani Spinning “Roxani SP,” inherits the genes of ZENON and Revo, featuring an asymmetrical compact body and a carbon handle. Additionally, a water-repellent coating has been applied to both the inner and outer ball bearings, significantly reducing rotational noise caused by saltwater buildup.

The rotational feel and durability have been greatly improved by adopting high-performance corrosion-resistant material bearings, which enhance durability, smoothness, and corrosion resistance. The support structure of the main shaft has also been improved, making the handle winding lighter. Furthermore, the body bar is integrated into the body, achieving optimal gear feeling.

Depending on the type of fishing and method, the order of the drag washer assembly can be changed to provide “Light” and “Tough” settings. The handle arm is made of high-elasticity carbon material with a layered structure, achieving high strength, weight reduction, and improved sensitivity.

Key Points:

  • Achieved an average weight reduction of 14g.
  • Features an asymmetrical compact body, achieving a lightweight and compact body without reducing material thickness and strength.
  • Adopted a friction-free main shaft support structure, achieving a light and smooth winding feel.
  • Compared to conventional models, it employs a large-diameter drive gear up to 117% larger (2500-4000 size), not only improving durability but also enabling more torque-filled winding.
  • Comes with a sinker keeper.
  • The handle arm uses high-elasticity carbon material, and its layered structure achieves high strength, weight reduction, and improved sensitivity.
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