[New Product] 24 Luvias has Evolved Tremendously! A Model with a Perfect Balance of Lightness and Strength!


Finally, the 6th Generation Luvias is Here, Celebrating Its 20th Anniversary!

In this article, we will introduce how the 24 Luvias has changed and highlight the features that have been improved.

What is Luvias

Luvias is a series of spinning reels manufactured by Daiwa (DAIWA), ideal for light game fishing such as trout, ajing, and mebaru, as well as bass fishing. It is a model that follows the top-tier Exist and the high-end Certate models.

The reel uses carbon resin (ZAION) woven with high-density carbon fibers, characterized by its high rigidity, light weight, and corrosion resistance. Additionally, it features essential performance attributes such as anti-rust bearings, a washable structure, Air Bail, and ABS to reduce line troubles.

24 Luvias

The 24 Luvias features a ZAION body and ZAION rotor, achieving a high balance of lightness and rigidity. Notably, the LT2500S model weighs only 150 grams. Furthermore, the adoption of AIRDRIVE DESIGN enhances operability, significantly improving lure control.

24 Luvias Design

24 Luvias Release Date

The 24 Luvias will be released in August 2024.

Features of the 24 Luvias

The 24 Luvias boasts a ZAION body and ZAION rotor, characterized by its lightweight yet highly rigid construction. The adoption of AIRDRIVE DESIGN further enhances its operability, allowing for precise lure control.

New Lineup

To cater to a broader range of anglers, the 24 Luvias lineup has been expanded to include a 5000 size model, making it suitable for a wide variety of fishing styles. Each component, including the drag system, main shaft material, and special surface treatment of the drive gear, is meticulously designed to suit different uses.

Operability and Lightness

One of the standout features of the 24 Luvias is its impressively light weight, noticeable the moment you hold it. The handle stops precisely where you want it, showcasing its excellent operability. This responsiveness maximizes the potential of the rod and provides the power needed to handle big fish with confidence.

Integration of New Technologies

The 24 Luvias combines AIRDRIVE DESIGN with a tough and powerful monocoque body. This results in an evolved “rotation” that is noticeably superior, offering a higher level of operability that allows anglers to feel and control lure movements with precision. The reel packs high-end performance features.

Special Structure and Materials

The AIRDRIVE ROTOR maintains rigidity while being lighter than its predecessor, allowing for easier and more precise operation. The ATD TYPE-L drag system focuses on smooth startup and responsiveness, and the 5000 size model features carbon washers for enhanced durability.

Wide Range of Applications

The 24 Luvias is available in sizes ranging from 2000, ideal for area trout and saltwater light games like ajing, to 5000, suitable for surf casting and light shore jigging. Its lightweight nature reduces fatigue and strain during long fishing sessions, helping anglers maintain focus.

Monocoque Body

The MONOCOQUE BODY (MQ) offers high rigidity, power, and waterproof sealing due to its one-piece construction, a unique technology from DAIWA.

History and Evolution

Since its debut in 2004, the Luvias series has been beloved by anglers for nearly 20 years. The 24 Luvias marks a new chapter with its new gunmetallic and silver design, evolving from the traditional silver-based design.

AirDrive Design

The 24 Luvias, equipped with “AirDrive Design,” features four distinct components:

  • AirDrive Rotor
  • AirDrive Bail
  • AirDrive Shaft
  • AirDrive Spool

AirDrive Design is the next-generation spinning reel design concept, aiming for anglers to control lures exactly as intended. Comprising up to four technologies, AirDrive Design delivers high-level operability. These include the lightweight, high-response AirDrive Rotor; the trouble-free AirDrive Bail; the lightweight, thin AirDrive Spool; and the AirDrive Shaft, which supports the main shaft with high-precision collars and non-contact structure with the pinion gear, allowing for quiet and smooth winding even under heavy loads. These combined effects improve the reel’s weight balance and provide excellent operability.

AirDrive Rotor

The AirDrive Rotor features a new shape that appears to be carved directly from a sphere based on unique principles. By thoroughly reducing unnecessary material while maintaining rigidity, significant weight reduction is achieved, resulting in drastically improved operability and sensitivity.

AirDrive Bail

The AirDrive Bail adopts a hollow pipe structure, combining rigidity and lightness. To further reduce weight, it is made smaller while maintaining the necessary strength. The optimal bail angle allows smooth transition from the bail to the line roller, providing a lighter, trouble-free performance.

AirDrive Spool

The AirDrive Spool is designed with a thin-walled construction by removing unnecessary material. This lightening extends not only to the spool skirt but also the interior, improving the ease of winding and casting operations. The reduced drag resistance also enhances the responsiveness of the drag mechanism.

AirDrive Shaft

The AirDrive Shaft is a linear shaft with a non-contact structure between the main shaft and the pinion, eliminating friction resistance. The pinion is supported at both ends by bearings, maximizing power transmission efficiency. The main shaft is supported by high-precision collars, significantly reducing rotation noise and enabling smooth winding.

Monocoque Body

The MONOCOQUE BODY is a technology that provides high rigidity, power, and waterproof sealing through a one-piece construction. Unlike traditional spinning reels, which support the drive gear with a body and body cover fixed by screws, the monocoque body eliminates the body cover. Instead, a high-precision plate is screwed directly into the body, enhancing gear support accuracy, rigidity, and sealing. This design also allows for a larger drive gear by utilizing the space previously occupied by screws, breaking conventional reel construction norms.


ZAION is a special resin reinforced with high-density carbon fibers, offering exceptional lightness and strength. Although difficult to process, DAIWA’s unique technology has successfully molded this material. ZAION, representing the pinnacle of DAIWA carbon materials, is exclusive to top models. The 24 Luvias uses ZAION for both the body and the rotor.

Other Features

  • TOUGH DIGIGEAR: Ensures smooth and long-lasting rotation, enhancing reliability.
  • ATD TYPE-L: Provides smooth and responsive drag operation, adapting to fish movements seamlessly.
  • ATD (TOUGH): Features carbon washers for high durability and consistent drag performance.
  • LC-ABS (Long Cast ABS): Ensures smoother line release, improving casting distance by about 5% and reducing line troubles.
  • Stopper-less Body: Simplifies the body structure, improving waterproof performance and reducing weight.
  • EVA Round Light Knob: Standard on the LT5000D-CXH, supporting powerful retrieves during high-load scenarios.
  • Perfect Line Stopper: Accommodates both fine and thick lines, contributing to spool weight reduction.
  • Main Shaft: Uses appropriate materials based on the application, with aluminum for lighter models and SUS for more robust models.
  • Ultra Duralumin MC Tough Digigear: Cold-forged and precision-machined for ideal gear strength, with special surface treatment for improved durability.

Historical Evolution

Since its debut in 2004, Luvias has been beloved by anglers for nearly 20 years. The 24 Luvias marks a new chapter with its gunmetallic and silver design, evolving from the traditional silver-based design, and begins a new era in its history.


PC LT2500170735.26-1500.8-200509/110HG-T48,900
PC LT2500-H170805.76-1500.8-200559/110HG-T48,900
PC LT3000205775.28-1501-200609/110HG-T51,300
PC LT3000-XH205936.28-1501-200609/110HG-T51,300
LT5000D-CXH2251056.225-1502.5-300609/112EVAラウンド ライトノブ54,500

24 Luvias Model Introduction

LT2000S-P A model suitable for light games such as area trout, ajing, and mebaru fishing. With a handle rotation of 64 cm per turn, it allows for stable reeling. The light weight of 145 g provides a significant advantage in delicate fishing using lightweight lures.

LT2000S-H Recommended for native trout fishing in mountain streams and area trout fishing, where line slack needs to be managed (e.g., bottom lift & fall, minnow jerking). Also suitable for light saltwater games such as ajing and mebaru fishing. The 145 g weight is beneficial for delicate fishing with lightweight lures.

LT2500S Amazingly light at 150 g in the 2500 class, ideal for bass fishing with light rigs and eging. Versatile for use in light saltwater games as well.

LT2500S-DH Equipped with a double handle specifically for eging. Weighing 165 g, it delivers maximum performance for eging throughout the day.

LT2500S-XH A versatile model focused on retrieval speed. With a handle rotation length of 87 cm per turn, it is perfect for quick-return fishing, such as bass fishing with light rigs.

PC LT2500 A power custom (PC) 2500 model. Featuring a slightly larger body than the LT2500 models (LT2500S, LT2500S-DH, LT2500S-XH) combined with a 2500-size rotor and spool, it delivers high winding power. Ideal for light power finesse fishing with PE line or boat eging.

PC LT2500-H A high gear power custom (PC) 2500 model. Similar to the PC LT2500, it combines a larger body with a 2500-size rotor and spool for high winding power. The high gear model, with a handle rotation length of 80 cm per turn, is perfect for quick-return fishing. Suitable for light power finesse fishing with PE line or boat eging.

LT3000-H A utility model capable of handling various fishing styles, including bay area sea bass and medium-sized stream trout like iwana, yamame, and amago.

PC LT3000 A power custom (PC) 3000 model. Featuring a larger body than the LT3000-H, combined with a 3000-size rotor and spool, it delivers high winding power. Ideal for slow jigging and casting tai-rubber fishing.

PC LT3000-XH An extra high gear power custom (PC) 3000 model. With a larger body and 3000-size rotor and spool, it offers high torque. The handle rotation length of 93 cm per turn makes it perfect for quick-return fishing. Suitable for high-load fishing such as sea bass vibration fishing.

LT4000-XH Ideal for sea bass games, light shore jigging from rocky shores or surf targeting small bluefish, mahi-mahi, bonito, and also for large trout in main rivers and lakes. The extra high gear model, with a handle rotation length of 99 cm per turn, is perfect for quick-return fishing.

LT5000D-CXH The largest size newly added in the 24 Luvias series. Perfect for flatfish and sea bass fishing from the surf, as well as light shore jigging targeting small bluefish, mahi-mahi, and bonito. The deep spool design allows for 300 m of PE line (size 2.5). Equipped with the highly durable ATD Tough drag system and standard EVA round light handle to support high-load retrieval.


The 24 Luvias, with its combination of AirDrive Design and Monocoque Body, achieves lightweight yet highly precise operability, delivering stable performance even in harsh environments.

As we look forward to the upcoming fishing season, the 24 Luvias is undoubtedly an item to watch. The release date can’t come soon enough!

Born in 1994. Originally from Hyogo Prefecture, I moved to Iwata City in Shizuoka Prefecture in search of the sea. I am an Enshunada surf angler who enjoys surf fishing. I am also active on YouTube, and my fishing grounds range from Irago to Iwata.