Review: The 24 Metanium DC is a Must-Buy! Ultimate Casting Performance and Stability with Great Value


Baitcasting reels are suited for a style that emphasizes targeting specific spots with relatively heavy lures, focusing on quick retrieves.

Recently, baitcasting reels capable of casting lightweight lures without issues have been developed, but improving casting distance has been a challenge due to structural limitations.

However, the 24 Metanium DC has solved this problem.

What is the 24 Metanium DC?

Released by Shimano in 2024, the 24 Metanium DC is a low-profile baitcasting reel characterized by its user-friendly shape that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. This reel excels in lightweight performance, weighing just 175g (180g for the XG model). Additionally, it features a compact, high-rigidity Core Solid Body, with the main frame and level wind protector integrally molded from metal material. This design minimizes body flex and provides a stable reeling experience even under heavy loads.

A noteworthy point is that the 24 Metanium DC is the first to feature the DC brake in a Core Solid Body. The new I-DC5 brake improves long casting performance while minimizing line troubles. Unlike traditional DC brakes, it allows for instant adjustment of 15 different brake settings with 3 mode lines × 5 levels of brake force from the outside of the side plate. This makes it easy to set the optimal configuration for your lure without the hassle of opening the side plate, helping you maintain focus during fishing.

Additionally, the 24 Metanium DC is equipped with the MGL Spool III, characterized by its light startup rotation. The spool size is 34mm in diameter and 19mm in width, accommodating a wide range of lure weights and enabling long casts and low-trajectory pitching casts. These features make the 24 Metanium DC a highly functional and user-friendly baitcasting reel.


Features of the 24 Metanium DC

The development of the Metanium DC focused heavily on its brake system. Let’s explore how the latest technology has been incorporated into other aspects of the reel.

1. Long Casting with a Wide Range of Lures

The spool incorporates the low inertia MGL Spool III, also used in the SLX DC, enhancing long casting performance and helping to prevent backlash. This allows for smooth casting even with lightweight lures. The spool diameter is 34mm, making it adaptable to various fishing styles and locations.

Backlash: This occurs when the spool’s rotation speed exceeds the rate at which the line is released, causing the spool to over-rotate and the line to tangle.

2. Fine Brake Adjustment

The Metanium DC is equipped with the I-DC5, which instantly detects the spool’s rotation speed and adjusts the brake force. This feature allows for long casts while preventing line troubles.

Additionally, an external dial allows for brake adjustments based on the type of line being used: P for PE line, F for fluorocarbon, and N for nylon. For long casts or precise short-range targeting, selecting the relatively weaker N setting can make casting easier.

3. Enhanced Body Rigidity

The Metanium DC is the first DC-equipped reel to adopt a high-rigidity Core Solid Body, providing durability to withstand the stress of big catches. Despite its high rigidity, the reel is also lightweight, reducing the burden on anglers during long fishing sessions.

4. Improved Winding Power

The 24 Metanium DC baitcasting reel features Shimano’s MicroModule Gear, offering anglers a remarkably smooth reeling experience. These ultra-small, precisely designed gears reduce vibrations during retrieval and increase the contact points between the gear teeth, enhancing gear strength. Additionally, the new duralumin drive gear design delivers powerful and precise smooth rotation. These features make the 24 Metanium DC a baitcasting reel that enhances both fishing comfort and performance.

24 Metanium DC Lineup

The Shimano “24 Metanium DC” baitcasting reel lineup includes six models with both left-hand and right-hand handle options, as well as different gear ratios. First, the “24 Metanium DC 70” is a right-hand normal gear model with a gear ratio of 6.2, retrieving 66cm of line per handle turn. This model is suitable for crankbaits and spinnerbaits, handling retrieve techniques, and can spool 100m of 12lb monofilament line with a maximum drag force of 5.0kg. The handle length is 42mm, and it is equipped with 10 ball bearings.

The left-hand normal gear model is the “24 Metanium DC 71.” The “24 Metanium DC 70HG” is the right-hand high gear model with a gear ratio of 7.1, retrieving 76cm of line per handle turn, making it versatile for various uses. Similarly, the left-hand high gear model is the “24 Metanium DC 71HG.”

The extra high gear models include the “24 Metanium DC 70XG” and “24 Metanium DC 71XG,” with a gear ratio of 8.1, retrieving 86cm of line per handle turn. These models are suitable for various worm rigs, such as no-sinker rigs, heavy drop shot rigs, and free rigs. They can spool 100m of 12lb monofilament line, have a handle length of 45mm, and are equipped with 10 ball bearings. These options allow anglers to choose the optimal Metanium DC model tailored to their fishing style and conditions.

Metanium DC 150

This model is the standard version, suitable for a wide range of applications. It offers a balanced combination of power, versatility, and ease of use, making it ideal for anglers looking for a reliable all-around baitcasting reel.

Metanium DC 150HG

The HG (High Gear) model is designed for faster retrieves, making it perfect for techniques that require quick line recovery, such as crankbait fishing or when targeting fast-moving fish. The high gear ratio provides the necessary speed to keep up with active fish.

Metanium DC 150XG

The XG (Extra High Gear) model offers an even faster retrieve rate, making it the choice for techniques that demand the quickest line recovery possible. It’s ideal for topwater fishing, fast-moving lures, and situations where rapid line retrieval is crucial.

Metanium DC 151

The left-handed version of the standard 150 model, providing the same balanced performance and versatility but for left-handed anglers.

Metanium DC 151HG

The left-handed version of the high-speed 150HG model, offering left-handed anglers the benefits of faster retrieves for techniques that require quick line recovery.

Metanium DC 151XG

The left-handed version of the extra high-speed 150XG model, allowing left-handed anglers to enjoy the fastest retrieve rates for high-demand fishing techniques.


Released after a nine-year hiatus from the previous model, the new version has evolved into a more versatile model. In particular, the brake performance has significantly improved, making the 24 Metanium DC the go-to choice for achieving long casts as desired.

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